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New work titled Endurskin for choir premiered by South Iceland Kammerkor June 29, 2019.

Recording session with Icelandic Symphony Orchestra June 11, 2019 recording my work Emerging Songs from 2010. 

New work titled Red Basie so Blue for Big Band premiered by Reykjavik Big Band June 3, 2019

Two new songs premiered as a part of a new musical titled Fylgd by Guðbrandur Ægir Ásbjörnsson. Songs were written by several composers and my two songs are titled Stundum brenna tár (Það sem ekki má) and Enginn skilur mig with lyrics written by Skarphéðinn Ásbjörnsson. Premiered April 28 with additional 13 shows to May 12, 2019. 

Recording session with Caput Ensemble and Kristinn Sigmundsson recording my work Eyktir February 20, 2019.

Premier of Requiem für Schmelzendes Eis III   collaborative composition and performance by Úlfar Ingi and Gunnar Kristinsson involving film, visual art, sculpture and performance art in collaboration with www.kumu.company  premiered September 5, 2018 in Elisabethenkirchke Basel, Switzerland.   


New work, Eyktir for baritone voice and chamber sextet, premiered during the Dark Music Days Festival 2018. Friday, Jan.26 concert at 9pm in the Frikirkja Church in Reykjavik. Performers are the magnificent singer Kristinn Sigmundsson and the Caput Ensemble. The work is composed to six poems of Gunnar Kristinsson appearing in his collection Eyktir from 1988. https://www.facebook.com/events/1978895822432860/

Dark Music Days Festival 2018 Jan.25 - Jan.27


Cantando Musikkforlag publications https://shop.cantando.com/search?q=Úlfar%20Ingi%20Haraldsson

New work, Orfeo nel basso, for contrabass and harp premiered May 17 in the KEFAS hall, Iceland – featuring Thorir Johannsson, bass and Elisabeth Waage, harp. See more here (in Icelandic): https://www.facebook.com/events/1680372692265426/

Participating in the Dark Music Days Festival in Reykjavik jan.26-28, 2017 – Presenting a new quintet written for Nordic Affect with electronics see more:  http://www.darkmusicdays.is/nordic-affect-1

Several compositions in progress for 2016 involving e.g. Caput Ensemble, Nordic Affect and Hutchins Consort.

Portrait concert with Caput scheduled in Nordic House March 2016.

Iceland premier of the work, Blue Sky Wide Cliffs, for 5 trombones and organ in Neskirkja church june 6. Composer conducting this two movement work.

New CD release on feb. 14 "The Day of Icelandic Music" --- Title: RESEARCH – Explorations in Harmony and Form.

A new three movement work, Memoria for piano and chamber orchestra, will be premiered at the Dark Music Days Festival jan. 30. in Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik.